The 2016 GOP Primary Clown Car Arrives, Releases a Flood of Lunatics and Embarrassments Part 2: The No Chance Brigade

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The Progressive Cynic

Due to size constraints, I have broken this article into pieces for posting. Part 3 of this article, covering Scott Walker, Rand Paul and Chris Christie, will be released tomorrow at noon–for Part #1, follow this link.

The No-Chance Brigade

Put simply, there are a host of GOP candidates who may be included on the debate stages and in the opinion polls, but who have absolutely no chance in winning the primary itself. These people are either deluded, aiming to score a post-campaign speaking engagement, or possibly angling to join a presidential ticket as the vice president.

Ben Carson: Ben Carson is arguably the most intelligent person on the GOP side, being a famous and highly-skilled brain surgeon. That said, he is an extreme example of intellectual compartmentalization and, while skilled in medicine, he is an absolute imbecile in the realm of politics. He is famous for saying absolutely…

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