Secede, Please

Every time the Supreme Court rules against bigotry  (as in gay marriage) some members of the right wing go banana shit. Every  time Mr Obama talks peace instead of war they go bat crazy. Every day we hear how their “state’s rights” to be bigots or fools or worse are being trampled by “big government”. They want out of the union.  OK.

They have even collected petitions in many states  (at least 20) to support seceding from the USA.

I , for one, welcome the idea. Lincoln’s big mistake, in my opinion, was in not letting the losers leave. After all, most of the secessionist states are those that are now on the welfare roles. States in which the federal government pays more than it takes in in federal taxes. The states most dependent on the federal government tend to be the biggest complainers about the federal government.

For example? Mississippi, Kentucky, Alabama, Louisiana, Montana, West Virginia, Arizona, South Carolina, and Tennessee, are all heavily dependent on the feds. See a trend here?

Let them go. Please, secede. We are certainly not going to fight a Civil War to keep Alabama in the union. In fact, although I tend to be a pacifist, I would support  fighting one to get South Carolina OUT of the union.

Here’s my plan. Give each state a 5 year moratorium. If you want to leave, let us know.

As soon as you decide to leave you lose all representation in Congress. People in your state have 5 years to decide to stay or move into another state. All federally-owned land must be purchased at fair market value. In US currency.

The same is true of all military bases and federal buildings. We will move out the military and you can pay for the buildings. They now belong to you.

The US will no longer spend a cent in your state. No money for roads, bridges, education, border patrol, welfare, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, unemployment compensation, etc. You have the freedom to do what you want. But the US will not pay for it.

Of course, you will have to set up your own border control. And you will need a passport to enter the US . With background checks required.

As for the USA? Well, we will save BILLIONS of dollars every year. In addition, the more obnoxious members of Congress will now be gone, so maybe we can make progress. No more Ted Cruz’s whining and trying to shut down the government. No more “You Lie” cries from little men in South Carolina. No more millions wasted on Benghazi committees. Best of all for the US taxpayer, we will no longer be carrying all that dead weight.

Of course, this will not happen. The representatives of the “complainer” states would rather complain than make it on their own. They have a good deal going so why kill the Golden Goose of federal aid?

But just imagine a nation WITHOUT Mississippi,  South Carolina, Louisiana, Alabama, etc.  We can dream, can’t we?



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7 responses to “Secede, Please

  1. I wrote an article years ago on this subject. Couldn’t agree more!


  2. Arizona was not a secessionist state. It wasn’t even a state in Civil War. Entered 1912. West Virginia was not a secessionist state. The pro union western part of Virginia became a new state. Kentucky did not secede either. Montana not a state at Civil War. Entered 1889. By advocating other states leave the union, supporters of that idea are secessionists in the same vane as those who wish to leave. Advocating the dissolution of the union is an opinion that one is entitled to have. Taking action to accomplish that is treason. On the other hand I am not sure California is a state as it seems to be a planet in its own unique orbit. Then there is South Florida which is not really part of US anymore as it is an extension of Cuba, Haiti and Jamaica. Key West considers itself the Conch Republic.

    I do agree the the US would function with greater harmony and purpose and efficiency without Freedom Caucus and Tea Party. Perhaps they should unify and rename as the Know Nothing Wingnut Party.


    • Carl. I never implied that those states were in the Confederacy. However all the states I listed (and others) have filed petitions to secede from the USA (since Obama was elected POTUS). And since they all take more federal tax dollars than they are assessed, their absence would be a net tax dollar win for those of us paying the bills.
      After many years of cogitating on the subject I have come to the conclusion that Lincoln was wrong to keep the fragile union together. Even today, perhaps the US is just too big to manage properly. After all, we are the size of Europe. Since many states are overrepresented in our government (based on population) it may be time to consider an orderly withdrawal from the union. Why not?
      The USSR did it. Yugoslavia did it. Scotland almost did it. I don’t see the benefit of carrying these states on our backs while theses very states are often the ones who often hold up progress for the rest of us.
      There is nothing sacrosanct about the union. A bloodless separation may be what the doctor ordered.
      Thanks for your comments.
      ps. I have relatives in California and I can assure you it is most definitely a separate planet.


  3. Deb Meeker

    It seems like you gave this some thought. I’m not in complete disagreement with your theory – but for your plan to be implemented, I would have to insist that 1) Texas were included, and 2) all living things with a vagina were airlifted out of these states ASAP after their declarations of secession.


  4. That is an interesting point about Lincoln’s big mistake. We’d probably manage better if we were smaller.


    • Thanks for the reply. I am actually serious about the Civil War. Had he let the south secede there would be no way to keep the slaves from leaving. The USA would be a legal refuge (since Dred Scott would not longer apply). And all of Europe had already given up slavery, which would have isolated the south economically.

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