A Modern Christmas Story

The line of ragged refugees trying to gain entry into the US winds around the corner. Men in robes and tattered clothes. Women wearing veils and hijabs. Little , wide -eyed children peering out from behind their mothers’ flowing dresses.

The Border Control agent barks .”Next”

A young bearded man, with wife and baby crouching behind, slowly approaches.



The agent is filling in a form.

“Where are you coming from?”

“The Middle East. We have had to leave our home.”

Agent:” Why did you leave?”

Yusef: “They are killing us. The new government has taken our property and demands that we give up our homes and possessions. We fled from the violence. If we go back they will kill us. Don’t send us back”

Agent: “Do you have any documents?”

Yusef:”No. We had to flee quickly. We left everything behind except what we carry.”

Agent, writing : “How did you pay for the airline tickets?”

Yusef: “We had a little gold, but that is now gone.”

Agent:”How do you intend to support yourself? Do you have any skills?”

Yusef: “I  worked in construction. I can build  things. I work with tools.”

Agent: “I see you wife is wearing a hijab. Are you Muslims?”

Yusef: ” Oh, no. She is just wearing the traditional veil. It means nothing.”

Agent: “Are you Christians? Do you  follow Christ?”

Yusef, looking  confused: ” No. We are simply refugees fleeing for our lives. Please help us.”

Agent, writing down something and looking concerned. “What is in those two boxes?”

Yusef: “Just some perfume and some medicines. It is all we have.”

The agent calls over some security who take the boxes and disappear into another room. “Sorry, those boxes will have to be destroyed. They had some odd looking substances in them.”

The agent looks at the young refugee family , down at his forms, and back up again. “You have no papers. You have no means of support. You CLAIM not to be Muslims, but you sure LOOK  like Muslims to me. You brought in some strange packages. And you claim your life is in danger but offer no  proof. ” He then takes out a big red stamp and loudly stamps the documents, hands them back to the young man and points him to the exit door.

“We will be putting you and your wife and child on the next plane back to the Middle East. Good luck. And Merry Christmas.”

The young man looks down at the document. The big red letters of the stamp are bold: ENTRY DENIED.

They cover the names of the applicants.

Yusef the Carpenter, wife Mary and baby Jesus.





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18 responses to “A Modern Christmas Story

  1. Ted

    And G.B.’s answer as to “what religion” ? I seem to have missed that.

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  2. Deb Meeker

    Joseph, your story is well taken. Mankind ignores true prophets if said prophets look, live, or believe differently than the edicts of each other’s tribe. Modern day humans are no different than those many centuries ago – ruled mostly by fear, greed, and ignorance.

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    • G.B.

      Are you saying that Mohammed was a “true prophet” Deb Meeker? It would seem that your fear of having some people seeing you as intolerant and your ignorance of the truth about Islam has clouded your better judgment.


      • Deb Meeker

        I apologize for taking so long to respond. It took quite awhile to decide how to reply to you comment above.
        You seem more interested in finding out what other people’s religions are than seeking truth about world religious truths. Your writing is taunting and appears angry – as though you wish to dominate. Therefore, in my opinion, you tend to read into other’s words in a way that helps you stay aggressive and egocentric.
        Your choice of beliefs is yours, and mine is not your concern.

        There are over seven billion humans in the world. Those that find comfort and peace in their religions (which ever they choose) will not be swayed, bullied, or persuaded to change their beliefs with your type of blind insistence. It’s a shame that as desperately as you wish to verbally bludgeon others to make them believe your “truth” – what I read in your writing only makes me repel from you and your belief system.

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  3. GB. I appreciate your thoughtful post. Let me outline where my thinking lies on the issues you have raised.
    It is true that the terrorists who were responsible for 9/11 and Boston and San Bernadino did profess an allegiance to Islam. That is not disputed. And all of them did enter legally under either work or student or spouse visas, I believe. The actions of these people does not make them representatives of Muslims worldwide. We can point to actions of violence performed by Christians, for example the killing of doctors, lynching of blacks, the bombing in Oklahoma, etc. But I don’t think any of us would suggest that these actions, by folks who call themselves Christians, represent the ideology of ALL Christians.
    Like Christianity, Islam is not a unified religion. There are Sunni and Shia (who actually hate each other), there are Mutazilites and Wahabbis . There are modern Muslims and traditional ones. There are very real differences from country to country. The same can be said of Christianity. Methodists, Catholics, Baptists, Mormons, Fundamentalists, Unitarians, to name a few.
    There are between 6-7,000,000 Muslims in the US today. If they were all, or even a significant minority, terrorists, this nation would be having multiple bombings every day.
    Regarding the point you make that all or most Muslims sympathize with the terrorists, I cannot agree. After 9/11 every Muslim dominated nation, with the exception of the Taliban in Afghanistan, condemned the violence. Muslim leaders around the world have consistently pointed out that violence against innocent civilians is against the teachings of the Quran. As in Christian teachings, violence can only be justified in self-defense.
    You are correct that some governments still controlled by Sharia Law DO impose the death penalty for crimes we consider not capital offenses. And in those countries the treatment of women and kids is deplorable. But did you know that some US Christian missionaries have gone to Africa and encouraged some African governments to impose the death penalty for homosexuality? A radical minority.
    My point is that the overwhelming majority of Muslims do not follow Wahabiism, the most radical sect. And Islamic scholars have condemned terror groups who use Islam as a justification for thuggery. I am linking a page for your reference:

    Regarding the refugee situation. The refugees have to go through an extensive background check which takes almost 2 years. (Unlike student or visitor or spouse visas). If terrorists want to enter the US being a refugee is actually the most difficult way to enter. That is why I do not fear refugees. They are thoroughly vetted. I do concur, however, that other visa requirements should be tightened.

    Finally. In answer to your last three questions. Although I am not sure why you ask them.
    1. Jews have a long history of being discriminated against. The Diaspora. In Europe for many centuries. Hitler and the Nazis. Etc.
    2. Jews have participated in terrorism. There have been radical Jews who have terrorized Arabs in Palestine. Even the Bible talks of Jews committing genocide. Not the rule, but it has happened.
    3. Muslims have been victims of violence as well. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Persecution_of_Muslims

    I hope this answers your questions regarding my ideas on these issues.

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    • G.B.

      I should have been more specific. Of course I was well aware of the Third Reich and the Holocaust. What I should have asked was when have Muslims ever been subjected to extermination on a scale such as that? It is estimated that roughly 6 million Jews were murdered during a period which spanned only just over 5 years and were all put to death under the orders of just one man. In all fairness, I do believe that it is correct that Muslims actually murder more of their fellow Muslims then they do anyone else. When have Christians ever murdered other Christians for purely religious reasons and not during actual war declared between different countries?

      Are you sure that the incidents in Palestine were not military operations for the safety of Israel? Unlike discrimination against Jews, distrust and caution regarding Islam is well founded and understandable. Mohammed had 13 wives, one of which was only 9 years old. If the majority of Muslims are peaceful as you suggest, then why do any of the Muslim countries allow Sharia Law to exist and why do we have so many refugees? Shouldn’t the peaceful Muslims have the majority to be able to influence their own government policy? If Islam is so wonderful, then why are these countries so poor and violent. Why would you want them to bring that here?


      Has a radical Christian ever hijacked an airplane and crashed it into a hospital killing hundreds of doctors? According to the Tuskegee Institute, 3,446 black people and 1,297 white people were lynched in the United States from 1882 to 1968. However, there were over 8,500 terrorists attacks in 2012 alone which killed approximately 15,500. Has a radical Mormon ever put on a suicide vest and walked into a cathedral during Midnight Mass and murdered dozens of Catholics? Muslim countries depend on commerce with the United States. It would be unwise for their governments to admit that they were in support of the 9/11 attacks and risk losing our business. How many years did Pakistan harbor Bin Laden while they accepted our financial aid? Terrorism is more than just the young men you see on the news wearing their black ski masks holding weapons. It takes a network of individuals gathering materials and money (often through drug sales), conducting surveillance, recruiting, providing lodging, transportation and communications. It also requires naïve and helpless victims. The best terrorists are the ones you can’t readily identify. A wide eyed and seemingly peaceful refugee is the perfect disguise.

      I’m sorry, but you just haven’t validated your point. Islam needs to be contained to the Middle East and allowed to devour itself and implode.

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      • GB. I can point to plenty of incidents in which “Christians” killed Muslims and other Christians. The Crusades. The 100 Years War. WW1. WW2. The ethnic cleansing of the Muslim population in Bosnia (by the Serb Christians). The Irish-British conflict. (Even today the Time of Troubles in Northern Ireland pits Christians against Christians) History is full of examples. The history of humanity seems to be the history of violence against the “other”.
        I agree with you 100% that some thugs use religion as their excuse to do violence. But I would suggest that using religion , whether the current misuse by some Muslims of the term “jihad” or the misuse by some Christians of the “Inquisition” and so on are just that. the abuse of religion for economic or political purposes.
        I find that every religion today and in the past has had people who have intentionally misinterpreted the religion and used it as an excuse for economic gain. Even Buddhists, we think of as the most peaceful of religions, have engaged in ethnic cleansing and warfare. I agree with 100% that people who claim religious rights to kill have always been with us. But I suggest that EVERY religion has been “used” in this way. It is an Islamic issue. It is a historical fact.
        One of the issues I have with religion is that it is so often used as an excuse for violence. You can take sections out of the Bible and use them to justify violence. You can do the same with the Quran. Or, you can select portions of the Bible or Quran which condemn violence. Take your choice.My pint remains: There is nothing INHERENTLY violent about Islam or Christianity or Judaism or Buddhism. But certain individuals pick and choose parts of their holy texts to justify their desires. We see the same thing with the Constitution, by the way.
        I understand your fear of Muslims, because our press and some in the politics have demonized them. I also fear SOME Muslims who follow Wahabbiism. I also fear some Christians and some Jews who follow fundamentalism and believe only they know the word of god.
        I have a couple questions for you to consider.
        We have 6-7,000,000 Muslims living in the USa today, including members of the armed forces and in Congress. What would you do with them? What would you do with mosques?


      • G.B.

        The 100 Years, World War I and World War II were actual wars fought over territory and not started due to conflicting religious ideals. The Crusades occurred because Christians even centuries ago recognized the true threat that Islam is and attempted to control its spread. The ethnic cleansing in Bosnia was basically for the same reason. The violence in Northern Ireland is a local problem contained to that area. I am not a violent war monger. I believe that the only answer is for Muslims to identify and deal with their extremists themselves and that the best way to do this is to quarantine Muslim countries. What do you think the world would be like today if Muslim countries had invented the atomic bomb? What would the world be like today if Muslim countries had been the first in space? What would the world be like today if Muslim countries had the natural resources that the U.S. has and could create massive amounts of aircraft, artillery, tanks and warships?

        Islam is not consistent with western values. It is a violent religion of oppression that often appeals to cruel and dangerous people. Many of the people that identify themselves as Muslims living in the U.S. today are actually natural born Americans who converted to Islam while serving prison sentences. I just can’t understand how it has survived and not gradually declined into extinction. Educated and rational people should not want to have anything to do with Islam. Muslims should not want to leave their homeland for fear that their children might become influenced by Christian beliefs and then they would have to put them to death. If Muslims emigrated to Europe in search of a better life, then why did they create Muslim areas and conduct Muslim patrols in England? Why on earth would terrorists attack Paris? The French did absolutely nothing to deserve it. Perhaps it was because they couldn’t get over here to the U.S. thanks to the Patriot Act. After the hostages were taken in Iran in 1979, Carter should have ordered an immediate military strike to retake the embassy and rescue them. Then, all U.S. embassies in Middle East with the exception of Egypt should have been closed, evacuated and abandoned. Then, immigration should have immediately halted and the Middle East should have been left to its fate without any American involvement. This would have prevented the 1983 Beirut bombing that killed 241 Americans and the World Trade Center towers would still be standing.

        As for the current Muslim population of the U.S., they need to be watched. They also need to know that they are being watched. Surveillance of Mosques needs to be both consistent and blatantly obvious. The ones that are currently serving in our military need to not be placed in any positions that might allow them access to classified information that they could use to endanger others and of course, the ones that wish to leave the U.S. should be allowed to do so as quickly as possible. I would also encourage the formation of Christian conversion organizations to help Muslims to make better choices if they wish to truly do so. I have faith some day that Islam will reform itself and peace will be achieved. Until that day, America needs to do what is required to protect innocent lives.

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      • GB. Your last post is so full of stereotypes and misinformation that I don’t know where to begin. You seem to be taking the position that ethnic cleansing is acceptable if directed against Muslims. (The Bosnia statement).
        You really don’t seem to know anything about Islam except what you have learned in your church (?) or anti-Islamic websites (?). If you refuse to acknowledge there are significant differences among and between Islamic groups then you will continue to believe stereotypes. But those stereotypes have no validity in the real world. I suggest that if you are genuinely interested in Islam and Middle Eastern history you check some more reliable, academic sources.

        I have already pointed out that members of all religions participate in killing an violence. I would guess that more Christians killed others in war in the 20th century then were killed in any period in history. That does not justify Muslims killing others, but it points out that there is nothing unique to Muslims in terms of violence.Radicals have used the teachings of Judaism, Islam and Christianity as an excuse for advancing their own power. It has nothing to do with the core teachings. All religions are the same in that regard.

        I don’t really see the point you are trying to make in the questions in your first paragraph but I will answer them anyway. 1. What if a Muslim country had invented the A-Bomb? Well, the A-Bomb was invented by Jews, Christians and atheists. It was only used twice. Both times by a POTUS who claimed to be a Christian. Both times it as dropped on defenseless urban areas resulting in the immediate and slow and painful deaths and long -term suffering of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians. Do any Muslim countries NOW possess the A-Bomb or nukes? Well, Kazakhstan had nukes and GAVE THEM UP. Turkey has nukes and has never used them. Pakistan has had nukes since the mid 1980s and NEVER USED THEM. The only nation to use nukes has been the USA. Never used by a “Muslim” nation. The evidence suggests that is “Christians” who cannot be trusted with nukes.

        2. What if a Muslim nation had been the first in space? I have no idea what this has to do with anything. Many nations are in space.
        3.What is Muslim countries had massive natural resources and could build a military? Well, some DO. Saudi Arabia. Iran, Iraq. Pakistan. They are using much of their wealth to buy weapons to defend themselves. Can you blame them? Look at what the US has done with its great wealth. Military bases around the world. Invasions of other countries. Any nation with oil or other natural resources would have to be stupid NOT to arm themselves given the track record of the USA and Russia. What is wrong with self-defense? Has any Muslim nation ever started a war with the USA? Has any Muslim nation sent people to preach and go door-t-door seeking converts? Has any Muslim nation stationed tens of thousands of troops on US soil? Any IMPARTIAL observer from outer space would conclude that the USA is the biggest aggressor nation in the world, attempting to build a worldwide empire.

        When you call for surveillance of mosques and the conversion of Muslims to Christianity you are finally showing your true colors. You seem to want to impose a Christian state on the rest of us. On the one hand you talk about “western values” and on the other you want to take away the key “western value”…liberty for all. No amount of evidence or facts will sway your stereotypes. But , luckily for the rest of us, that type of thinking is still in the minority. The US will not become a repressive country. We have too long a history of tolerance. The idea that we will target folks for their religious views is about as anti-American as it gets.

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      • G.B.

        I really did not wish for this to become adversarial. First, I want it made clear that I am not a supporter of violence. That would be terrorists that you are thinking of. I support peaceful and distant coexistence. I do believe that the ethnic cleansing in Bosnia was unfortunate. However, it was the result of tensions that had existed for years and finally reached a breaking point. That is the type of violence and turmoil that I do not wish to have occur here. Liberals intentionally ignore the example of what has happened in England where the British wished to appear tolerant and welcomed large numbers of Muslims. Now, Muslims have actually taken over several areas and intimidate non Muslims who attempt to enter them. They have formed Muslim patrols that walk around these areas and harass anyone who is not dressed in a manner that they see as appropriate. Muslim protestors have even been bold enough to demonstrate in the streets when British troops have returned from deployments and Sharia courts are now in operation.


        It might be helpful if when you type something that you intend to post if you would take just a minute and think about what the reader can say in response before you post it. 1. If Muslims had invented the atomic bomb, then we would not be having this conversation. Why? Because there would be no computers. Muslims would have used the atomic bomb to destroy as many infidels as they could and the world would basically have returned to the Dark Ages. Yes, the United States is the only country that has actually used the atomic bomb. This was during a time of actual war against a country that had attacked the United States first and which the United States offered every opportunity to surrender. Furthermore, the decision to use the bomb was not made by just one man. It took the approval of Congress and the United Kingdom as required by the Quebec Agreement. I’m not sure why you mentioned Turkey. Were you not aware that Turkey has been a member of NATO since 1952? The fact that Kazakhstan gave up their supply of nuclear weapons and that Pakistan has never used theirs does not prove your point, They knew that the U.S. had more weapons than both of them combined and that we could deploy ours much more quickly and efficiently. The fact that neither of those countries has experienced a catastrophic accident involving the handling and storage of those weapons is a miracle. 2. If Muslims had been the first in space, we would also not be having this conversation. If Muslims had been the first in space, no other country would be allowed to launch and operate satellites because the Muslim countries would either destroy the other satellites or use theirs to block signals in order to prevent infidels from transmitting any information not consistent with Islam. 3. No, Muslim countries do not possess the industrial might that the United States has fortunately. I don’t see how you think they do. Oil wealth is not the same thing. There have been absolutely NO examples of the United States ever attacking any other country without provocation or without international support and then enslaving their people and stealing their resources in an attempt to build an empire. That was an ignorant statement for you to have made which showed your true colors and cost you my respect permanently. I believe you are thinking about the Nazis or Saddam Hussein. An impartial observer from outer space would see how the United States liberates other countries and provides foreign aid and consider the USA to be the most benevolent and civilized of all nations. The world is indeed fortunate that such awesome power is in the hands of the United States and not a Muslim country. An impartial observer might also wonder why terrorists attacked the people of Paris for no apparent reason. Paris was not attacking them or attempting to build any empire. Although, the impartial observer subject is a moot point as aliens do not exist. Yes, it is true that Jehovah’s witnesses do go door to door spreading their message. However, you can politely tell them that you do not wish to speak to them and close your door. In a Muslim country, you could be pulled from your home and stoned to death for that.

        You are clearly an atheist and for that, you have my sympathy. How happy would you be living in a Muslim theocracy that does not allow you the right to choose to be an atheist and forces you to pray five times a day no matter where you are? I can tolerate an atheist because I know that someday, they will believe in God eventually. Sadly, it may be too late when that happens. However, your hatred of the United States has made you blind. You believe that all religion is bad and are trying to make yourself believe that there is no difference between Christians and Muslims. You refuse to acknowledge that it was Christianity that inspired the Pilgrims to leave Europe and create the United States. You value your liberty, but lack the courage to defend it yourself and criticize those that do. I guessing that there must have been some incident in you past that caused this. You are also trying in vain to convince yourself that I am in a minority. I’m not sure where you are finding support for that. I’m assuming you live here in the United States. I’ll bet you have a Christian church within five miles of your home and a gun store within ten or twenty miles. Have you forgotten the 2014 election results? Have your forgotten that Conservatives control the police and the military? You need only look at the history of this blog with the paltry amount of comments that you have received as proof of who is in the minority. If more aggressive steps are ever taken by the United States to control the influence of Islam, it may very well include increased monitoring of anti American blogs such as this one. I suggest that you exercise caution.

        With that, I now make my final comments to your blog with no intention to ever return. I will pray for you and continue to vote Republican. Good luck sir. Oh and God bless you.

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      • well, GB. Your entire response is nothing but a series of “straw man” arguments. Rather than respond to the points in my post, you seem determined to tell me what I think and then seek to rebut that.
        For example. You have never responded to my lengthy link demonstrating the almost universal rejection of terrorism by Islamic leaders and organizations around the world? Why not? because it does not fit your preordained belief that Islam is the religion of violence? So, why do the majority of Muslims reject violence? Why do you have no response to that fact?
        Let me respond to some of your statements. 1. When have Christians ever killed Christians for purely religious reasons? Have you ever heard of Europe? Of the Inquisition? Of the many wars between Catholics and Protestants? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_wars_of_religion
        Do you know why many people fled England to settle in the new colonies of North America? Ever hear of “bloody Mary”. Ever hear of the Irish “Time of troubles”. Even a brief survey of European history is loaded with examples of religious conflict, and terror by Christians against other Christians. Ever hear of Savanarola?
        2. You make the mistake of equating the LEADERS of SOME Muslim countries will ALL Muslims or the majority. Yes, Shari’a Law, like BIblIcal Law is harsh . Ever read Leviticus? Should we condemn the majority of Jews and Christians because a few radicals decide to take the Bible and interpret it to please their own authoritarian leanings? Anything you say about the Koran and Islam is equally aplicable to the Bible and Christians.
        3. You say that if Islam is so wonderful (a statement I never said or inferred) why are so many countries poor? Are you equating MONEY and WEALTH with belief in some doctrine? What does that say about poverty stricken Americans? Do you not understand the historical relationship between geography and economics? try reading some Jared Diamond for a better understanding of these relationships.
        4. I especially like your claim that the “Pilgrims” were “inspired” to create America by Christianity. Yes. I guess so. Since they were PUT IN JAIL and thrown out of England by other Christians for their beliefs. In that sense, getting AWAY from Christians inspired them to come to the US. Where did you study history? You have some very strange and inaccurate beliefs about history throughout your post.
        5. Perhaps your best statement is when you say that there is no history of the US attacking other people except in self-defense? Really? Except that the ENTIRE history of US expansion from the east coast to the west coast is replete with nothing but attacks on the Native Americans already living there. How did you NOT learn this in a basic US history class? There were literally MILLIONS of human beings living on their own land who were annihilated by the movement of Americans westward. The most massive genocide in world history. Or don’t you include Native Americans as “people”. And you have seemed to ignore that violence of murder, rape and beatings done by the good Christian plantation owners to African and Crib slaves. Or maybe your history book tells you that those plantation owners were actually Muslims?
        You are an encyclopedia of misinformation and distortion of history. The dehumanization and stereotyping of the “other” is as old as mankind. Which is what you are involved with doing, in my opinion. And, as an atheist I will continue to support your right to whatever you want to believe. I choose to think for myself, not according to what others tell me I should think. That is why atheism is so frightening to “true believers”.
        But that does not extend to your right to harm others. We need to make decisions based on facts and evidence, not prejudice and misguided belief systems. I am confident that most Americans are good hearted people who see beyond the current phobic beliefs of the right wing.
        As a great man once said: We have nothing to fear but fear itself.

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  4. G.B.

    I am a proponent of the Christian faith. I have asked for and seen too many miracles to just simply explain them away scientifically. This issue has been a source of curiosity for me. I just don’t understand the logic of the Left in regards to the subject of Muslim immigrants. The 1993 World Trade Center attack, the 9/11 attacks, the Boston Marathon Bombing and the San Bernadino shootings were all perpetrated by Muslim extremists that had been allowed to enter our country legally. Islam is definitely not a religion of peace. Even though not all Muslims participate in terrorism, they all read from the same book. Certain Muslims may not resort to violence, but they do still sympathize and often quietly support and or aid those that do. Halting all Muslim immigration until such time as the terrorist element has been quelIed is just simple common sense. It seems that this is one issue that should cause liberals and conservatives to unite. I can’t understand why liberals would want to be seen as terrorist supporters. Muslim law sanctions the beheading of homosexuals and drug users and does not permit consumption of alcohol. The oppression of and atrocities against women and children in Muslim countries is well documented. These refugees have allowed extremists to force them from their homes. They should have stood their ground and fought back. The United States would have helped them. Could you please tell me when Jews have ever been discriminated against such as Muslims are today? Have Jews ever participated in terrorism? Have Muslims ever been rounded up by the train load for execution in concentration camps?


  5. No.. This was in response to the GOP demands that no Muslim refugees be allowed to enter the USA. I am showing the parallel between the flight of the refugees to the flight of Jesus, Mary and Joseph from oppression. Just as these Jews were discriminated against in the past so the Muslims refugees are being discriminated against today.Innocent men, women and children fleeing oppression are being treated like criminals.

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  6. G.B.

    Are you saying that in this article the border patrol unknowingly turned away Mary, Joseph and Jesus because they thought they might have been Muslims? There is a major hole in this story. Muhammad was not born until 570 years after the death of Christ. Are you agnostic by any chance?


    • Deb Meeker

      G.B., You say you are not a proponent of violence, however within your comments we find: “Islam needs to be contained to the Middle East and allowed to devour itself and implode.”, and – “I support peaceful and distant coexistence. I do believe that the ethnic cleansing in Bosnia was unfortunate. However,…..)”

      In the New Testament ( which is by Christ, was supposed to have replaced Old Testament laws which encouaged hate and violence againt ” the other” , I find no edict or suggestion that people stay divided as in *distant coexistence* – rather we are taught to love all God’s creation ( humans) as Christ loves us. I find no verses written by Jesus that encourage looking forward to when those different from us would “devour itself ( themselves) and implode”.

      Your very specific desire in fact appears to be the religion cleansing of Islam from the earth. Your failure to count as equally the crimes against humanity by all religious sects, is a dead giveaway that you are specifically hateful of Muslims. No amount of studying all world religions, their histories, failures or accomplishments – can give a person insight into what Christ was offering on this. Only the opening of one’s heart will allow His words to clarify that any ethnic cleansing by any group is much more than “unfortunate” – it is Ungodly.

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      • Deb Meeker

        Further G.B. Have you forgotten the rounding up of millions of African, Chinese, and others by ‘Christians’ for the sole purpose of enslaving and breeding with them? The European enslavement and mass killings of Native Americans in order to steal their lands and force European Christianity on those who were left?
        It is perhaps you, who needs to think more broadly about which people have used a religion ( as you do in your comments here), to create divides in the body of Christ?

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