Feel the Bern… Vote the Hill

The New York Primary is this Tuesday .  As a registered Democrat I have the right to vote. Usually by now the NY Primary is an exercise in futility, one candidate is well on his way to the nomination. And in the general election NY tends to be deserted by presidential candidates. They all know that NY is securely in the Dem column.

But this time it counts. So, for whom shall I pull the lever. Well, no longer. We used to pull levers, now we bubble in sheets. Like taking a standardized test in high school.

My heart belongs to Bernie. My philosophy is firmly to the left of Karl Marx.  OK.  Not that far, but I certainly side with the socialist mentality. I remember voting for Jesse Jackson long ago in another NY Primary. And I have voted for Ralph Nader . (But only because I knew the vote would not impact the final outcome of a Gore victory in NY). So I naturally gravitate toward Mr Sanders. I feel the Bern.

Then I step back and the more pragmatic side of my political sense takes over. Clinton is not that far from Sanders in her views.  She has a long, and I mean LONG,  history of being involved in issues that are important to me. She has more administrative experience, to be sure. She did run the State Department for 4 years. She is singularly uninspiring, true. But inspiration isn’t everything.

So, I will bubble in the bubble for Hillary. Why?

Pragmatism. She will stand up to all the crap that Trump or Cruz or Kasich (yes, Kasich still has a shot)  throws at her. There has not been one lie, half-truth, insinuation, aggravation and derogation (is that even a word?) that she has not had to deal with and deflect. Remember the illegal Whitewater land deals? Remember how she murdered Vince Foster? Remember how she recruited women for Bill? Remember how she sent top secret emails to our enemies? Remember how she sat by during  the attack on our ambassador in Benghazi and did nothing to help him?

Secretary Clinton was an effective senator for NY. She was a competent Secretary of State who had to repair our international relations after the Iraq debacle. Most of all, she has stood up to the vilest and nastiest attacks on any politician since Andrew Jackson. And survived. More than survived. Came out on top.

I don’t know how Bernie will stand up to the GOP /Fox attack machine. The label “socialist” and “communist” will be pounded out over and over again. His lack of experience in foreign affairs will be seen as a sign of “weakness” by the pundits. Every verbal slip will be magnified, distorted and linked to Karl Marx somehow. And the attacks WILL get personal. I am not sure he has the thick skin and killer instinct necessary to fight back. Obama did. Which is why the GOP hates him. And Clinton does.

So, while my heart belongs to Bernie I don’t think he is electable in the general election. I don’t care what the polls say. I have seen the GOP attack machine in full mode. It isn’t pretty.

I saw Muskie sabotaged by counterfeit letters. I recall the “Willie Horton” commercials which appealed openly to racism and helped sink Dukakis. I recall a veteran who risked his life in the most dangerous missions in VietNam, the swift boats into Cambodia. I watched  the GOP simply lie about his service and mount a “Swift Boat” attack on his integrity. I saw  the label of “communist ” and “socialist” and “radical Muslim” placed on Barack Obama. All good men. All attacked in the vilest of terms. Keep in mind,  the GOP is shameless. In the campaign they will say and do anything.

So, I will vote for Clinton. She has shown that she has the guts and intelligence to stand up to the most vile lies. She has been there for 30 years. And remains standing. Maybe Sanders could stand up to the nastiness, too. I don’t know. But I am not willing to take that chance.

So, while I feel the Bern, I will vote the Hill.




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4 responses to “Feel the Bern… Vote the Hill

  1. Ray Winegar

    I’m late to reply but agree. Bernie should get a Lifetime Achievement Award for carrying the banner of Gas & Water Socialism these many years and for pushing (to the Dems’ benefit) his issues passionately and persistently in this cycle. But we have now an election to win, and a united front will necessary to win it. I backed Hillary in the March 2 Alabama primary for 3 reasons:
    1.) Bernie is unknown and perhaps unknowable to the community of African-American women above 40, the key and most loyal cohort that fuels Dem victories in almost every battleground state. We can’t afford a drop-off from the 2012 turnout of these voters and Hilary (with a boost from POTUS) can bring them home. Bernie? We don’t know.
    2.) Does Bernie have an Act 2? Hillary has bounced back from adversity, trimmed sails when needed, pushed limits when possible and shows a lifetime resolve to improve the lives of women, children, minorities and the poor. She does not give up no matter how determined her opponents. She is as secure in middle America as she is in its margins and finds a way to get half loaves when whole loaves are not available. What happens to Bernie after his agenda is throttled in the first hundred days? Does he re-invent himself? Or tirelessly (and increasingly ineffectively) lecture us on the righteousness of his original cause? We don’t know.
    3.) Bernie implies that his election will provide him with a “political revolution” in his back pocket with which to tame his opposition. Again, we just don’t know. I’m with Hillary on the issue that tactically the most important thing to be done on the Left today is to significantly improve Dem turnout in off-year elections. Let’s work on this basic problem before we leap forward to plotting revolutions. I lived with my head in the clouds for a decade back in the day when we thought we were winning because we could draw big crowds. Let’s re-tool the Dem machine and make our opponents pay an actual electoral price or their errors. That might be revolution enough for now.

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  2. Thanks for the comment. Like you, I fear the Dems might find a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.


  3. St. Mary's Jack

    Totally agree with you, Mr. Urban. I have learned in my past that by supporting Gene McCarthy, Hubert Humphrey, George McGovern, Ralph Nader…I have handed election after election to the GOP. Now, more than ever, it is the independent middle 25% (not the liberals or conservatives) that decide elections. In my dream world, Bernie would graciously defer to Hillary now, passionately urging his supporters to show up for Hillary AND the down ticket (we need the Senate for the SCOTUS confirmation(s)) on election day. Then Bernie gets an appointment…perhaps Secretary of Labor…to make his mark? Much like Elizabeth Warren could administer adeptly through a Hillary administration post rather than contest her now and split the Dems further. With Trump as the presumptive nominee, this election is the Dems for the taking but historically also for the Dems to screw up.

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