I Won’t Vote for a Woman POTUS

Watching the first two days of the Democratic Convention has been inspiring and interesting. So many women and girls. People of different colors. Different ages. Different economic statuses. Kind of like the USA.

And the estrogen. WOW. As a human male I have to admit that I am a bit taken aback by so many women having power. All those female delegates. And female leaders. All very proud to be nominating and (hopefully) electing the first woman president.

Which leaves me on the outside looking in. You see. I won’t vote for a woman. I REFUSE to vote for a woman. Especially for president.

In 2008 and 2012 I refused to vote for a black man for president. For pretty much the same reason. I have known black men and boys. Some have been awful. Most have been nice. Some have been criminals. Most have been decent. And competent.

And I have known many women and girls as well. Some have been awful.Most have been nice. Some have been criminals. Most have been decent. And competent.

But I won’t vote for a black man or a woman. I take to heart the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. when he said: I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

That day is here.

I will not vote for a black man. Or a woman. But I did vote for Barack Obama. Twice. And I will vote for Hillary Clinton. Not because of skin color or gender. But because he was and she is the best person for the job. Period.

In some ways, being singled out as the “first” black man or the “first” woman diminishes their accomplishments. They are competent, decent, hardworking, empathetic human beings. Excellent candidates. Skin color and gender should be irrelevant. Someday they will be.

So excuse me if I don’t vote for the first woman POTUS. I’ll just vote for the best person. Hillary.



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13 responses to “I Won’t Vote for a Woman POTUS

  1. Joe Citizen

    PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES DONALD TRUMP!!! Yes! That JUST happened! That will be Obama and Clinton’s legacy. You all might as well just car pool to Canada right now.


    • Sorry, Joe, but the jokes on YOU. If you think Trump is anything other than an ignorant BSer you are sadly mistaken. He won the presidency the same way he runs his “empire”. By conning suckers like yourself. By creating a lie and convincing others to follow him.
      I can’t wait to see his “terrific” health care plan. And his defeating ISIS in 3 weeks because he is smarter than all the generals. Plus, he is going to bring back all those jobs that went to Asia. LOL
      You are not alone. Millions of Americans demonstrated to the good people of this nation that they are racist and incredibly ignorant. As PT Barnum said: You won’t go broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people.
      Obama’s legacy is intact. He has shown intelligence, class and a positive vision for America. Trump is the exact opposite, to be sure. Own him.
      While you are at it, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I will sell you real cheap.


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  3. Joe Citizen

    Barrack Obama was a lawyer who served in the Illinois state senate for seven years and was a United States senator for only three years before running for president. This was not enough experience to qualify him for the job of Commander In Chief. His actions over the last eight years, pretty much confirm that. The DNC took a gamble and nominated him mainly because he is half black. It paid off. Therefore, you did vote for him only because he is half black. Being the wife of Bill Clinton (who you like to forget was almost impeached) does not qualify Hillary Clinton for the job either. Reply or don’t reply. I don’t care. I’m not going to read it anyway.


  4. Jack

    Oh Joe…you trickster…your 7th grade English composition teacher would be so proud of you…


  5. Josh Wrenn

    I agree with colorblindness unless it comes at the expense of someone’s identity or diminishes their accomplishments since race and gender are unfortunately, still very relevant. Great misdirection.

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  6. I enjoyed your post. If I hadn’t read down to the end, I might have come away with a different impression. Good delivery.

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