No Longer Any Doubt

The GOP has for some time claimed to be the party of business and low taxes and free enterprise. Time and again leaders of the GOP from Kasich to Rubio to Cruz to McCain to McConnell have claimed the mantle of “conservative”.

All the while, many liberals have claimed that the GOP was giving quiet approval to the racist tendencies of the mob. Quiet approval to the coded language of race hatred. The dog whistles. The winks and the nods.

The GOP, of course, has denied that charge. They have given lip service to “freedom” and condemned, in the most general terms, racism. It is easy to do. To condemn evil in the abstract. “Racists are bad. OK. I’m done.”

If there was ever any doubt that the “Party of Lincoln” has become the party of bigotry that doubt was erased this weekend. The president of the United States, the leader of the GOP, refused to condemn the KKK and Nazis that marched and murdered in Charlottesville, Virginia

And the rest of the GOP fell in line with the leader. Not a single member of the GOP , to my knowledge, has condemned Mr Trump for his refusal to call evil by it’s name. Not a single member of the GOP “leadership” has stood up for American values.

These same “leaders” who took every opportunity to degrade and diminish President Obama now stand shoulder to shoulder with Mr Trump. Along with the skinheads and under-educated morons who marched in Virginia in support of racism, the leaders of the GOP have given the silent Nazi salute to Trump and his supporters.

They are standing shoulder to shoulder with those who have lynched.  Those who have set up death camps. Those who have burned books and destroyed synagogues and bombed black churches. They are standing tall with those who will reinstate Jim Crow laws. Those who kill blacks with impunity by appealing to “stand your ground” laws. This is the bed in which they are sleeping. These are the fleas with whom they awake.

The leaders of the GOP are standing with David Duke and Mr Trump and Steve Bannon. Against the values of freedom and non violence and racial harmony.

The leaders of the GOP needed to come out forcefully and condemn Mr Trump and his association with the racists.  In no uncertain terms. In specific and strong language. Unequivocally. They did not.

Next time your GOP Senator or Representative mouths the empty phrases  of “Let’s work together” and ” I condemn racism” keep in mind what they have said today.  Hear the deafening silence as the race haters gain the upper hand in the corridors of the White House.

If there was ever any doubt that the GOP has become the party of hate that doubt was erased this weekend. By silence.

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