Lie Liberals Tell, Part 5

Lies Liberals Tell, Part 5

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Lie # 5: People Should Act Responsibly

Liberals like to think that all of us try to be responsible citizens. They tend to believe in the Golden Rule. “Treat others as you would like to be treated”. The conservatives  tends to believe in the Rule of Gold. “He who has the most gold should rule.”

Take the environment for example.  Liberals tend to believe that people, when educated, will respect the environment. They understand that acting responsibly today is the best insurance for the children of the future. They think it just makes sense that others would accept the fact that such things as clean drinking water should be accessible to all. And act accordingly. And the few who refuse to act responsibly should be fined for destroying the environment for the rest of us.

It used to be a Republican idea. A conservative principle. After all, it was the unregulated toxic dumping of chemicals into the environment that lead Richard Nixon to agree to create the Environmental Protection Agency. He understood that unless companies were regulated they would continue to dump toxic waste in our streams, rivers and landfills. Eventually passing on the clean up costs to the taxpayers. And destroying the land and water for future generations.

The intelligent response of government is reasonable regulation. But that concept is widely rejected by the far right. They simply do not accept that responsible behavior is an American value. They claim that ANY reasonable government regulation of business is, by definition, over regulation.

So, while responsible Americans understood that regulating banks so they could not take on risky loans beyond their capacity to service them was a dangerous and irresponsible practice, the right wing disagreed. Deregulating the banking industry lead to the 2nd great economic collapse, nearly another Great Depression.

These same “regulators” eagerly agreed to use billions of dollars provided by the taxpayers to  bail out the failed financial institutions. Institutions that failed because of the irresponsible behavior of the banks themselves, aided and abetted by a lack of government regulation.

The same principle applies to environmental regulations. In Flint, Michigan there were problems. Flint is the victim of the auto industry exodus which has left the city devastated. So, it has many poor people.

The Republican governor took over the control of Flint from the elected mayor. Not sure why. He basically blamed the poor for being poor and blamed the mayor for “mismanagement”. So, he installed an UNELECTED Republican to set things straight. To cut costs. At all costs. One of the first things they did was change the water supplier. From a clean source to a polluted one. And they knew it. And they didn’t care. It was cheaper. And, after all, Flint voted for Democrats. And was full of black Americans. Because of this irresponsible behavior, the children of Flint have been exposed to toxic materials. No one knows the long term effects on these babies.

The great liberal lie is that people should act responsibility. Those on the right do not hold to that view. They have no desire to “conserve” either the environment or legal system for future generations. They believe that each of us should act in ways which promote our own immediate financial well being. Period. Let our children and grandchildren deal with the mess.

The Rule of Gold, not the Golden Rule.



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4 responses to “Lie Liberals Tell, Part 5

  1. I have no dystopian vision of America. I simply think that if we need to be realistic in attaining a true democracy and the challenges we face in doing so. Unless we confront the reality of what we are up against we cannot respond to it effectively.


  2. whungerford

    I blame poor education rather than irresponsibility on the part of people (politicians are another matter, especially term-limited politicians in states like Michigan). Civil Engineering and Public Health have given us safe water for so long we are astonished when it is lacking. We are inundated with mis-education–the idea that environmental problems have been solved (promoted by John Stossel, for example), that a cold week contradicts the fact of global warming, that vaccines are no longer needed, that financial recklessness is a thing of the past, that lack of forest management is responsible for desertification and wildfires in the West, that deficits don’t matter in good times and bad, that tax cuts for the rich create jobs and increase revenue, and so on. It is no surprise that those with minimal education, are susceptible to propaganda.

    Public education once united us to an extent. Today with more attending private schools, or experiencing home schooling, even that common basis for understanding is weakened.

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    • I wish I could agree with you that if we could only “educate” everyone it would all work out. I dealt with this idea in my Part 2 (reason and logic). I think it is a liberal “lie” that we think this.
      It is true that homeschooling and radical religious schools do not educate kids in science or critical thinking, as public schools (at least in NY) do. Schools cannot overcome the prejudices of the home, however. That is where most kids are educated.

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      • whungerford

        These arguments are compelling, and I don’t like where this seems to be going. Will the conclusion be that a dystopian America is inevitable? How is it that we once dared write into law (Northwest Ordinance) that “education should forever be encouraged?”

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