The Democrats Waterloo

As the impeachment trial of Donald J Trump continues it becomes apparent that the conclusion is foregone. Foregone conclusion. The Democrats will lose. It is the Democrats’ Waterloo.

Waterloo? You may think I am referring to Napoleon’s famous defeat at the hands of the Duke of Wellington. Not so. That key battle in European history could have ended differently. Napoleon could have won that battle and gone on to reconquer Europe.

No, I am referring to Waterloo, New York. A small town. If you don’t know where it is, it is just a short drive from the village of Skaneatales. That should help.

Since teachers, especially in rural districts, make low wages, most of us have side jobs. So, when I was working I also was a coach. I recall coaching a very good freshman basketball team. Despite my coaching these kids had a winning season. Some exceptional athletes.

One of the teams we played was the team from Waterloo. A team we had beaten handily earlier in the season. No problem. Just play our game and the win was in the bag. A couple days before the game I mentioned to a friend of mine, also a coach, that we should be able to win the contest.

He laughed.

He assured me that we would NOT win against Waterloo. Not playing in Waterloo. But, I said,  we were so much better. He laughed again. Not in Waterloo.

Waterloo had two officials. One I will call Charlie. Charlie was an old guy. And Charlie had some issues. Charlie  must have been legally blind. Charlie made calls that no one else saw. He called fouls on kids who were no where near the ball. He called. And he made those calls with all the certainty of Three Card Monty victim. What you see (or don’t see) is what you get.

But Charlie was tolerable. We figured out very early in the game that Charlie, with his coke bottle glasses and quick whistle, was fair. He made bad calls all night long, equally distributed between the teams. So, we could tolerate that. He was just a lousy official, but not a cheat.

Then there was Wilber. Wilber , on the other hand was very selective . He only made calls against my team. Foul here. Foul there. Walking with the ball. Illegal pick. He had the full repertoire of infractions.  That basket didn’t count because of steps. The opponent’s missed shot resulted in a foul on my player. You get the picture.

By the time the final horn sounded we had lost by a few points. Waterloo chalked up another home victory. I think even the kids on the Waterloo team were a bit embarrassed.

So it goes. The Democrat Impeachment team is supplying facts, evidence and the law. The case is undeniable. And just as undeniable.

The Democrats are about to meet their Waterloo.



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4 responses to “The Democrats Waterloo

  1. whungerford

    Trumps concern is evident from today’s White House e-mail: TELEVISION. Nobody is watching, nobody cares, there is no evidence, nothing is wrong, don’t believe what you see and hear.

    Leonard Pitts wrote a column titled “President’s acquittal will have an asterisk.” Pitts compares Trump’s story to O.J Simpson’s. Pitts, addressing Trump, concludes “You are going to think you’ve been vindicated, but you won’t be. And you never will.”

    Consider Joe Jackson, Barry Bonds.

    No President has ever been removed. Adam Schiff will ask Senators to examine their conscience and consider their oath. Many will look at their shoes and vote to dismiss the charges. But for better or worse, nothing will be the same. Then comes the election.

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  2. I like your analogies.
    Sad but true, it’s the Dems’ Waterloo.

    I am still hit from time to time by the unfathomable nature of all that’s happening—and the mammoth injustice. It has to be a bad dream—right?

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