Bats in the Belfry

There was a definite scratching noise above our heads. It was in the attic, right above the bedroom. So, in February we called in a mouse and rat exterminator.

He climbed into the attic and looked around. No. No mice. No rats. We had bats. Bats in the attic.

He suggested a company that takes out bats since in NY there are laws. Only a certified person can take out bats. Bats are protected so they can’t be killed. Which is fine with me. I like bats. The two little guys who live in the barn do a great job of insect control on the summer. But bats in the house. Not so much.

So , after the covid subsided somewhat we called in the bat people. A three day job. As they explained it.

First, safely remove the bats. (As luck would have it the bats had already left, but the toxic droppings remained).

Second, remove all the bat droppings and all the insulation.

Fumigate to kill any residual bat remains.

Close up all the holes where the bats might have entered.

Replace the insulation with new insulation.

And then, voila, a bat free, toxic free attic.

We have bats in the attic of the nation. The Trump family bats. The Republican cowardly bats. Batshit crazy. Bat dangerous. And there is only one solution.

As of January 20 we will have removed the major infestation. It will be gone, hopefully never to return. But to make sure we need to do some more work. Because other bats remain.

We need to clean up the shit infested mess left by the bat family. Clean up and fumigate. Get rid of the mess. Throw it out. Take it to the dump.

We need to put down new insulation. Insulation against idiocy and alternative facts. Insulation from Fox and Newsmax. The insulation of science. A thick layer of science. The old insulation of science was stained and weakened by the bats. We need to renew.

Then we need to plug the holes. We need to close up the avenues by which batshit politicians can enter the house. Seal it up. Make it bat proof. But that depends on the voters.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have thrown out the bats. But the work is just beginning. Trump and his batshit family are still going to fly around and crawl back into the attic. His pack of batshit followers are still trying to dirty up the house. Where they can continue to do unseen damage to the house. Undermining democracy.

The bats need to be caged. Permanently. I don’t know how. But it needs to be done.


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12 responses to “Bats in the Belfry

  1. A perfect analogy!!! Yes, we must plug up the holes … every tiny little crevice. And then we must install new insulation, maybe a new roof, even. Be gone with the bats, now and forevermore! (Like you, I actually like the critters, but not the human sort)

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  2. A fine segue, though it does a gross injustice to bats.

    I think post 1/20, we should all be penalized $1.00 if we mention the name of that awful man and his mafia family and friends again.

    The proceeds will go to an organization that fights voter suppression and/or protects journalists.

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    • Well, he’s not going away. He will be complaining on Fox and Newsmax about the fake NY indictments. He will have his own daily tweet show. He will appear on the “Masked Singer” and be a regular contributor to Fox. Bet on it.

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      • I expect that, but he won’t be center stage—and he’ll have to expend a lot of energy on his indictments. At least he won’t have the codes to the nuclear arsenal (though I do assume he’s stealing national security secrets for sale right now)—and he won’t be sullying the White House with his presence.

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  3. mistermuse

    Two of the remaining bats alive
    Are up for reelection on Jan. Five.
    That being the case, I find
    That I have Georgia On My Mind.

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  4. Guy

    To Joni,
    I have often said, Trump is Covid personified. And I am wondering if his infection had some effect on his mental state. Maybe he is a “long-hauler” after all. He always had a serious sociopathic condition, but after his bout with Covid it has greatly magnified, wouldn’t you say?

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  5. whungerford

    Today’s danger isn’t from “bats:” “We have met the enemy, and they is us: — Walt Kelly

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  6. One thing to prevent future “bat-shit crazy” people from occupying the highest office in the land, is to have some sort of mental screening process to run for office, as part of the basic physical.

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