I Don’t Understand

I consider myself a pretty smart guy. Well, folks that know me are quite aware that I consider myself a fantastically smart guy. And they are right.

But some things I don’t understand. Like Ted Cruz.

Ted is currently involved in a scandal. He flew out of Texas to go to Cancun with his family. In the middle of a major disaster for the people of his state. And he is being mocked for it. Mercilessly.

According to various reports, Ted is the most hated man in the Senate. By other Senators. Lindsey Graham once said that if someone killed Ted Cruz on the floor of the Senate and the Senate was the place for the trial, the perpetrator would be found not guilty. Hey… that rings a bell.

Then there is the Green woman from Georgia. A Q’anoner. An absolute nutcase. A space laser from the Jews started the California fires kind of nutcase. Makes the birthers seem like geniuses.

What I do get. I get there are plenty of people out there who are on the wrong side of the River Normal. Who have climbed Mount Stupid and can’t figure out how to get back down. I get that. OK.

What I don’t get. I don’t get how so many seemingly ordinary people can send these certified idiots to lead our government. I don’t get how so many people think these loons are the people who should be making our laws.

Voter suppression. The power of money. I can think of all the possible reasons for these inferiors winning elections. But it does not add up . How can a majority of ANY GROUP of people in any district or any community think that folks like Ted Cruz or The Green Q are fit to be making our laws. Making our laws. The most important job in America. How can they think that is a good idea?

So, I am stumped. I don’t get it.


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14 responses to “I Don’t Understand

  1. I think there’s no way to underestimate the degree to which right wing media—well-funded from the get-go—has shaped the thinking of many Americans. Fox and Newsmax and OANN are just the latest iteration of what began on talk radio years ago.

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  2. Irwin Urban

    Why are you so surprised?
    How many supposedly intelligent people believe in the Jewish book of fairytales?

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  3. I’ve been asking the same question for 5 years now and am no closer to an answer than I was then. My theory is that there’s something in the drinking water, which is why I drink only bottled water! However, if you find a better answer, I’m all ears.

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  4. Have you met people? While it may be true that an individual person can often become informed and educated, people rarely consider politics individually because, as Guy stated, it isn’t important to them at all. In fact, I would suspect that most Americans consider it a point of pride to “not be bothered with all that political nonsense”. Still others are too preoccupied with fighting over scraps in their narrow work+family+leisure bubble to be bothered with the big picture. So, when they do consider politics, they consider it in groups. And let me tell you, groups of people are exceptionally stupid. They’ll regurgitate whatever talking point they heard recently just to be able to act like they’ve been engaged all along and nobody else in the group is any wiser so the idiocy is nurtured and given legitimacy.

    I also have a conspiracy theory that those invested in the decline of the United States may nudge the process along with some funding to the “right” (pun intended) candidates from time to time.

    I don’t know… just my 2 cents.

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  5. guy gravenson

    Because, Joe, you believe “making our laws … [is] the most important job in America.”  For many Americans, the majority perhaps, having fewer laws, deregulation, unfunded public services, no taxes etc. is the way to the American Dream.  These people, on Cruz Control, have bought into the notion that less government is better government and “laws” only get in the way of our “freedoms.”     The freedom to freeze, to starve, to drink snowmelt water, to being off the electrical grid for days and weeks — yes, Texans are proud they are self-sufficient, self-reliant — without the U.S. Government telling them how high to set their thermostats.  -10 degrees, anyone?  It’s +80 in Cancun.

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    • I hear you. The GOP seems inhabited almost solely with people whose desire is to dismantle all government. As Reagan suggested. “Government is the problem”. As someone who taught history and government for over 30 years that mindset is especially painful for me.


  6. Irwin Urban

    The underlying reasons for the ignorance of the average American is Capitalism and the belief in an after life.

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  7. Irwin Urban

    The underlying reasons for the ignorance of the average American is Capitalism and the belief in an after life.


  8. whungerford

    My best guess–most don’t know much about the candidate other than what the candidates’ advertising claims. If they identify with a party, they suppose that party’s candidate is good or at least superior to any opponent.

    I know a person who I believe voted for a certain candidate. He told me he knew little about the candidate, other than they identified with the same party. I feel certain that this person actually disagreed with his candidate’s views on many issues.

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