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Ban the Book, Burn the Book

A Virginia school board has decided they need to ban or even burn some books that are harmful to kids. Well done. These books may have some kind of sexual discussions or bad ideas. Bad ideas. Bad books. Time for a burning.

Normally I am pretty liberal guy but on this score I find myself agreeing with the good Christian school board members. Some books need to be banned, perhaps even burned. Fahrenheit 451 -style. Starter kindle for the football bonfire. Go, team, go. Burn ,baby, burn.

I confess I don’t know exactly which books need to be burned. I am sure there is a list somewhere. But I have a suggestion for an addition to the list if this book is not on it already.

Genocide, incest, masturbation, excessive violence, murder, kidnapping, nudity, prostitution, sodomy, rape and more. Can we keep kids from being exposed to this putrid and disgusting book and the ideas in it? Burn it, baby, burn it.

Let me shock you with some examples of the filth that this book encourages.

Genocide. It calls for the complete destruction of an entire race of people.Including innocent men, women and children who have done no harm to anyone.

Incest. It documents incestuous relationships between a father and daughter. Disgusting.

Masturbation. It talks about masturbation which no child should ever know about.

Excessive violence. It depicts horrendous acts of violence against an innocent man who had never harmed anyone in his life.

Murder. It focuses on the murder of a number of innocent people, and justifies those murders.

Kidnapping. It describes a kidnapping and betrayal of family members by other family members.

Nudity. It justifies nudity as a “natural ” state of being. Ugh!

Prostitution. It defends prostitutes instead of condemning this abuse of women.

Sodomy. It discusses homosexuality and sodomy,which is something our kids need not be exposed to.

Rape. A woman is raped and violated in one part of the book. Outrageous.

And there is much more.

The bad news is that this book is on NO LISTS of books to be banned or burned. For some reason it escapes the close scrutiny of words reserved for books by Toni Morrison and other authors of questionable skin color.

Below are some examples of excerpts from this book, but these examples just scrape the surface. I cannot name the book because I fear being sued by its authors, but an astute investigator can search out the sources for himself. BURN, BABY,BURN. Think of the harm done to our children !!

Genocide: Deuteronomy 20; 16-18

Incest: Genesis 19: 32-35

Masturbation: Leviticus 15: 1-18

Murder: Judges 19:29

Kidnapping: Genesis 37: 12-36

Nudity: Genesis 2:25

Prostitution: Ezekiel 23: 11

Sodomy: Judges 19:22

Rape: Genesis 34: 2-3; Genesis 19


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