Random Thoughts

Some random thoughts.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. day has come and gone again. The same old “content of their character” line has been parroted by GOP politicians who do everything they can to keep blacks from voting. Again. Yawn. Does anyone with a brain think that these guys believe anything they say? Do their supporters believe them? Do they care?

The 2nd Amendment. Gun toting illiterates continue to read the Constitution very selectively. They ignore the first few words. The part about the well-regulated militia. Which has inspired me . I read the 10 Commandments the same way. Instead of “Thou shalt not steal”or “Thou shalt not bear false witness” I simply ignore the first few words. “…steal”.. “bear false witness”….”covet they neighbors goods”.

The Trump election lie. It continues. It is disturbing. We see Trump and his lemmings claiming he won an election he lost by at least 7,000,000 votes. Trump and his clowns have gone all out fascist. All elections the GOP does not win are stolen. Put election workers in jail. Put all political enemies in jail. Trump is stronger than ever in the GOP and the GOP is more fascist than ever. If you are not terrified you are not paying attention. Or you are a fascist.

Dak Prescott, a football player, makes about $2,500,000 each game he plays. He is paid about $80,000 each time he stands behind the center and the ball is hiked to him. When he tried to run the ball and was unsuccessful at the end of the Dallas-San Francisco game he earned $80,000. If he throws an incomplete pass he earns $80,000. If he fumbles he earns $80,000. How much does a cop, teacher, sanitation worker, etc . make where you live? How many hours of labor to earn $80,000?

Senator Manchin and Sinema (the yacht guy and the fashion doll) refuse to support voting rights for all citizens. The narrative seems to be that these two inferior senators are solely responsible for the end of democracy. Well, hello there. What about the GOP senators. Every one is opposed to voting rights. Every one. The pretend “moderates” like Romney, Collins, Murkowski all oppose voting rights. The “Constitutionalists” like Cruz, McConnel, Rubio all oppose voting rights. Why are they exempt from blame? Do we now just assume that to be a Republican is to be opposed to voting rights?

One an hour. A Washington Post story recently pointed out the incredible violence being done against our children. In 2021 one child was shot , on average, every hour of every day. In the greatest country on Earth. Let me repeat. Every HOUR of every DAY one American child is shot with a gun. This is not an emergency.This is not a problem. This demands no action from government. One child shot every hour of every day. Acceptable. Collateral damage. Just the way it is. Nothing can be done. Over the last 3 years Japan had a total of 38 incidents with guns. Japan has 127,000,000 people. More children were shot in less than 2 days in the US than ALL the people shot in Japan in 3 years. Nothing can be done.

Critical Race Theory must be denied. So says the new governor of Virginia, along with the entire GOP. It cannot be taught to our children, even though it has never been taught to our children. It must be denied. Also, we need to deny the so-called Theory of Gravity. And Germ Theory. And the Heliocentric Theory. Because evidence based theories are just opinions. Evidence no longer exists. Only opinions.


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7 responses to “Random Thoughts

  1. maryplumbago

    The game is up and the goose is cooked. Apathy, ignorance and greed have brought all this to us. It was always gonna end bad.

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  2. I left a comment yesterday, Joseph. Did you not get it?


  3. Guy Gravenson

    So the real question becomes: does something fictional become reality if enough people believe it? Ask your Bible for the answer.


    • Good point. In the Middle Ages the world was flat because most people thought it was flat. And the sun revolved around the Earth … until Copernicus figured it out. Then the Earth began to revolve around the sun. That is what the modern GOP would have us believe.


  4. whungerford

    They know. Richard Nixon made it both tacit and explicit–Go slow on civil rights, watch what we do not what we say.

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