Biting My Tongue

Last week I traveled to Ohio to see my nephew and his young family. These folks were flying in from Europe with their kids. I hadn’t seen them in 4 years and was happy to see the little ones, especially.

Why Ohio? Because the parents of these relatives live in Ohio and so they would be staying there. These relatives (very close relatives) who live in Ohio are fervent Trump supporters. Members of the cult. Unmoving in their love of the Donald.

So, I was determined to keep my mouth shut.

There was really no point. So, we avoided all discussions of politics. Which was hard for me. As anyone who knows me can relate, my ability to keep my mouth shut when it comes to politics takes an enormous amount of will power. And will power is not my strong suit.

For two days we hung around saying nothing of import. Nothing of consequence. Very uncomfortable.

It is hard to have relatives who have fallen into the cult. But it raises some issues.

Were they always racist and Trump just allowed that to be used as a badge of loyalty? I suspect so.

Were they always anti-democracy, authoritarian and willing to give loyalty to a tyrant? Evidently so.

Did they always hate the concepts of liberalism which gives them a good life today? I guess so.

It is ironic to me that these relatives still support the tyrant. Still hate all things liberal. After all, they both are supported by Social Security.They both have Medicare. They have safe lives. Members of their family get benefits as retired veterans, earned, from the military. They live on a safe street in a safe neighborhood. All the things liberals have fought for and the conservatives have opposed. And they hate liberalism.

I recall a conversation I had with one of them a few years ago. She talked about how she would never vote for Hillary Clinton. When I asked why her answer was that Hillary should have divorced Bill when his affair was exposed. Hillary had no integrity. She only votes for people with integrity.

Then, this relative proceeded to vote twice for Donald Trump. A serial sexual offender. A man who changes wives and girlfriends like changing the oil in your car. He was her hero. He loved America. Boys will be boys.

So, they have gone down the rabbit hole and are lost. They will never crawl out. No amount of evidence or facts will change their minds. A cult. Lost to a cult. Lost.

So, I seldom see or talk to these relatives. I do think they are racists although they will not admit it. (I should add that they really hated Obama). I do think they have lost all ability to consider evidence. They live on a steady diet of Fox . No need to watch the January 6 hearings, Fox will tell them what to think. Like the “See no evil, hear no evil” monkeys. Closed to ideas. Loyal followers.

So, we have no relationship except on the most surface levels. Close relatives. No longer.

I have to stay silent. I have to bite my tongue. Ouch.


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11 responses to “Biting My Tongue

  1. Real America

    Members of a “cult”? I wonder if they would say the same thing about you. Your nephew is lucky that he doesn’t have to deal with you very often. Maybe you should be the one living in Europe. Your relatives earned their social security and Medicare. You have my permission to thank them for their service.

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  2. What a dreadful situation Joseph. It must have been very awkward. I can relate as I know someone who has swallowed a big dose of the Trump Koolaid (and there are very few Trump supporters here in Canada) and after five or six big blowups we do not discuss it anymore. It’s disappointing to see someone so blatantly brainwashed and blissfully unaware of it, and of course he is a Fox devotee (also very rare in Canada). It’s the worst feeling of disappointment in someone when you thought they were a better person. They hate all government rules and regulations, but are certainly willing to take whatever they are given, and don’t even see the hypocrisy in their actions.

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  3. My hat is off to you for being able to survive a few days without mention of politics in this ultra-dark time! Do you still have a tongue left, or did you bite it completely off? You’re a better person than I, for I could not have done it.

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  4. maryplumbago

    You nor anyone of reason, will never ever change their mind. I believe this ultimate brainwashing by Fox and their ilk, religion and herd mentality have utterly changed their brain chemistry and I am not joking. I would suspect this is the most massive amount of brainwashing ever perpetrated on any large group of people.
    I use to think attrition and death would eventually take care of it, but now, I’m not so sure, as they are brainwashing ever younger generations. They will ultimately destroy everything a normal person holds dear and everything that is fundamental for a civilized and fair society to prosper. It is truly mind blowing for the rest of us.

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    • True in almost every family in America. Uncivil wars, mental, emotional breakdowns, the end of common sense and decency within the tightest of social structures. Mother, father, son, daughter, their sons and daughters —
      riding waves further and further out from shore.

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    • It is a challenging time. we can take some solace in knowing that the Trump/Fox/hate machine is in the minority. But then, throughout history, violent minorities have taken political power. Hitler and the Nazis never won a free election. Neither did Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein, etc.

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  5. whungerford

    Joe, thanks for this moving article. It reminded me that when I graduated from HS, I thought of myself as a conservative Republican. University education, experiences and acquaintances turned me in another direction. With different circumstances, I might have gone another way.

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