Liberals understand that society is held together by a social contract. Society is not a series of individual economic units all trying to out do each other, but a diverse community of folks who need to learn to live in harmony with each other. Or at least tolerate each other.

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  1. Joe,
    I really enjoyed your recent post about social media and the written Fu…ing word on the Naples NY Facebook group. It details the exact issue we all face in communicating with one another in today’s society and was entertaining, which is why I think it will ultimately make some take a personal or moral inventory.
    Thank you for describing this so succinctly and in a way that makes it almost impossible to not garner a chuckle, or several from readers.
    Also; Please note that you and I have had personal exchanges in disagreement and that your approach has made me look into a mirror a time or two.
    I, at least believe, I am a better person today for those prompts!
    Be well and… Write on Joe Urban!

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  2. Joseph
    Would you mind sending your email address to me at annie@annieasksyou.com?


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  3. Hi—

    I’m not sure you received this message previously, but I am pleased to nominate you for The Mystery Blogger Award. For the details, please go to this link:


    Forgive me if this is the second message on this topic. I have been “experiencing technical difficulties,” as they say.


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  4. solodm

    Sorry to address this here, but I don’t know how else to contact you – that was one beautifully done response to the “Review Blog” on their piece about the Reed/ Robertson debate. They would not allow me to communicate further – but you said it all anyway. Thank you.

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  5. Deb Meeker

    You have the patience of Job, and the knowledge of the ages. Thank you for your comments supporting, with much needed insights and wisdom, on the New NY 23rd blog.

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