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My Heritage: The Flag of Freedom

My  battle flag flies proudly over my front yard. It is my heritage. My flag of freedom.

Some say it represents racism and repression. I disagree.

My battle flag was flown over great victories … although in the end it was flown sadly in defeat. Still, I am proud of the men who  fought for that flag. They died for their race. The white race. They died to defend their way of life from those who would oppose it.

The heritage behind my flag is a long and honored one. It goes back for centuries. Respect my heritage. Thousands died in battles against those who would take away our way of life. Some said that our way of life was wrong because we enslaved others. But that was our right. Under the law. All was legal. Who has the right to change our laws?

Some say my flag represents racism. Nonsense. It represents the way things are or should be. Those who are inferior were given jobs to do. Life time employment. Those laborers, who some called “slaves” helped make us economically strong. We needed their labor. And , as the superior race, they accepted their place.

Until the outsiders caused problems. The so-called “democracy” lovers who said we should not enslave others because of their skin color or ethnicity. The buddinskies.  Those who wanted everyone to be “equal”.

Some say my flag is a flag of violence. And terror. Yes, sometimes we  had to destroy the elements of rebellion among the inferior population. We have had to keep them at bay with whippings and hangings and fear.  Otherwise these inferiors would overrun the masters. So be it. What some call “terror” we call “law and order”  No society can exist without it.

My flag recognizes that we are not all born “equal”. Some deserve to be master. Some are born to serve as workers and slaves.

I am proud of my ancestors who died fighting for those ideals. For the rights of the white man to be master.  For the right of the state to determine its own system and not be imposed upon by others. The flag of freedom flies proudly from the flagpole in my front yard.

It is my heritage. I am German. My flag is the Swastika.

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The 2016 GOP Primary Clown Car Arrives, Releases a Flood of Lunatics and Embarrassments Part 2: The No Chance Brigade

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The Progressive Cynic

Due to size constraints, I have broken this article into pieces for posting. Part 3 of this article, covering Scott Walker, Rand Paul and Chris Christie, will be released tomorrow at noon–for Part #1, follow this link.

The No-Chance Brigade

Put simply, there are a host of GOP candidates who may be included on the debate stages and in the opinion polls, but who have absolutely no chance in winning the primary itself. These people are either deluded, aiming to score a post-campaign speaking engagement, or possibly angling to join a presidential ticket as the vice president.

Ben Carson: Ben Carson is arguably the most intelligent person on the GOP side, being a famous and highly-skilled brain surgeon. That said, he is an extreme example of intellectual compartmentalization and, while skilled in medicine, he is an absolute imbecile in the realm of politics. He is famous for saying absolutely…

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The NRA: Al-Qaeda’s Best Friend

(Somewhere in the deepest caves in Afghanistan a meeting of the Al-Qaeda leadership is taking place.)

Mustafa Waynoofa La Pierre: Allah Be Praised. Where are the corn chips? Ah. Good. Welcome to the first meeting of the Al-Qaeda chapter of the National Rifle Association.  Although our funds are running low we feel the $35 membership is well worth the cost.  Not only do we get insurance if any of our guns are stolen, but we also get a free subscription to “American Hunter”. I think it is a guide to hunting Americans. Questions?

Mohammed bin O’Reilly: Why are we joining this American organization? Allah Be Praised. Is it not an organization of loyal Americans?

MustafaWaynoofa La Pierre : I know it seems strange. Allah and AK-47s Be Praised. But our accountants have done a cost-benefit analysis and we decided this was the best bang for the buck, so to speak.

Abdullah Zimmerman:  Explain that. Our goal is to kill Americans. Not protect them. We lured them to Iraq and Afghanistan to kill them. And it worked. Allah and George Bush Be Praised.

John Wilkes Boothafa: And we spent so much time planning 9/11. Look how many we killed. Allah and Cheney Be Praised. Now you are saying we should join the Americans! Never.

Mustafa Waynoofa La Pierre: Hear me out. Joining the NRA is the easiest, cheapest way to kill Americans. And isn’t that out goal? Allah and Fox News Be Praised.  In Iraq and Afghanistan we have killed fewer than 7,000 Americans! And it has taken us 13 years ! Fewer than 3,000 in the attacks on 9/11. We thought that was good. HAH!

Many shouting in the room: Praise Allah. Kill the infidels! Allah Be Praised.

Mustafa Waynoofa La Pierre: Wait ! Wait ! During that same period in the US Americans with guns killed over 420,000 Americans. That is more than all Americans  killed in all the wars since WW2. Allah and the NRA Be Praised. In fact, more Americans have been killed by guns since 9/11 than ALL Americans killed in WW2 by the Germans and Japanese combined. Allah and La Pierre Be Praised !

Abdullah James Earl Rayoofa: This is embarrassing. You mean we spent all this time and money and energy and sacrifice trying to kill Americans and we have this result?

Mustafa Waynoofa La Pierre: We have been fools. Allah and Smith and Wesson Be Praised. Instead of wasting our time and energy on plots to destroy Americans we could have simply joined and supported the NRA. They do a much better job a killing Americans than we could ever dream of.  They make sure every hateful, mentally ill American can get a gun. Not to mention children . There is a special place in paradise for Wayne La Pierre. He will certainly have many virgins…unless he shoots them first.

Muhammed bin Huckabee: So. What should we do? Allah and Cop Killer Bullets Be Praised.

Mustafa Waynoofa La Pierre: Easy. Just fill in the form. Include your VISA card number and join. You will get a free magazine, insurance for your guns and the knowledge that you are helping stop  any sane laws to control guns in America. Think of all those American children that you are helping murder! And as a bonus, the NRA is the only organization that hates the American president more than we do! They will make sure American keep killing Americans.  When it comes to killing Americans, nobody does it better. They have a saying in the ungodly, Satan-worshiping USA. If you can’t beat em, join em. And when it comes to helping people  kill Americans, nobody beats the NRA.

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The 2016 GOP Primary Clown Car Arrives, Releases a Flood of Lunatics and Embarrassments – Part 1

Good analysis. I am reblogging this one.

The Progressive Cynic

© Josh Sager – June 2015

The 2016 GOP primary season promises to be an absolutely amazing show. Unlike the Democrats—whose establishment has essentially aligned behind Hillary Clinton—the Republicans are facing a choice between at least 17 different candidates, who will spend the next few months jockeying for position, trying to score a billionaire sugar-daddy, and viciously sniping at each other.


Watching conservative extremists trying to destroy each other and apologize for every rational position they have ever taken, in a competition for the right to be bludgeoned by Hillary Clinton in the general election, is just highly amusing.

Watching conservative extremists trying to destroy each other and apologize for every rational position they have ever taken, in a competition for the right to be bludgeoned by Hillary Clinton in the general election, is just highly amusing.

In fact, the GOP primary is so large, and involves so many candidates…

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The Rest of the Candidates….We Need Pat Paulsen

(Last in the series of reports on the presidential candidates)

I have lost track. Lindsey Graham, Martin O’Malley, George Pataki, Rick Perry, etc.  The list goes on….

Too many to bother with. Because, in the end, it does not matter what any candidate stands for. It may help justify a vote. But do people really analyze the candidates?  Do they think about the future? Do they challenge the premises behind the candidates statements? It matters little what the candidates  put on their websites or the speeches they make. Because in the end, most people make decisions about voting based on emotion.

They “like” someone or “not like” someone. Elections are not about analyzing the candidates. They are about throwing as much crap as possible at your opponents . The more the merrier. Truth be damned. Because it does not matter how many lies you tell, if you tell them often enough people will believe it.  Appeal to stereotypes.

There is an old saying: “Where there is smoke there must be fire”. Which is what many folks believe. Although sometimes,  where there is smoke there is just a machine that makes smoke. A scam. A farce. (Watch Fox News for examples)

Thus, negative campaigning works. Downgrading the other guy to make your own candidate seem big by comparison works. Intentionally misleading the public is the name of the game. Who can forget “Willie Horton” ? Or the birthers? Or the “murder” of Vince Foster?

I suspect that by the time next July (2016) rolls around most of these “candidates” will be doing the talk show gigs, mainly on Fox. They will be considered “experts” because they ran for president. They will be dipping into their unregulated PACS and enjoying the good life. And who will be left…

Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush .

What we really need, of course, is Pat Paulsen. He was a candidate who was perfect for this election cycle. He epitomized the consummate politician .We could (and probably will) do a lot worse.

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